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Hattiesburg Hills Community Association
Minutes of April 7, 2018 Annual Meeting

A. Meeting was opened at 10:00 AM by President Arvin Williams

B. Quorum was established with 6 Board members:  Arvin Williams, Sharyn Roemisch,
Fay Williams, Adell Gibson, Al Dunaway, and Matthew Lederman.  Homeowners Gene and Eunice Thummel were present. 

C. Financial Report was presented by Adell Gibson, Treasurer.  The Financial Report was approved by the Board. 

D. Minutes of the December 2, 2017 Annual Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.

E. Old Business
1. Arvin Williams reported that our Association attorney will charge the Association approximately $50.00 per property lien. 

2. Revised Parking Violation Notices and a log were distributed to the Board members and homeowner Gene Thummel.  A Parking Committee made up of Adell Gibson, Sharyn Roemisch, Chuck Rattenborg, Al Dunaway, and homeowner Gene Thummel (such Committee approved at the Annual Meeting on 12/02/2017) will keep a close eye on cars that are in violation of parking rules and place notices on vehicles in violation of Association rules.  Also any Board member can place a violation notice on a vehicle.  Adell Gibson is to be notified by email or phone when a Parking Violation Notice has been placed since she is the one who will keep a log of such notices.

3. The homeowner of property on West University was sent a letter in December 2017 concerning better maintenance of his property.  Homeowner has removed a truck off the grass and removed a wood pile by the fence. 

4. Vehicles driving fast through the Subdivision was more than likely due to the closing of Zimmer Street for upgrades.  Zimmer Street is open again and we haven’t received any complaints of cars speeding through the Subdivision.  Greene County has given our Subdivision the allotted number of speed limit signs. 

5. Height limit of flying drones in the Subdivision has not yet been determined.  Matthew Lederman will seek to get an answer on this.

6. Empty lot at entrance to S Canton – there is concern by some Board members that there should  be better maintenance of this lot.  Arvin Williams will look into sending a letter to the owner of the lot.


F. New Business
1. Fay Williams gave a report on the status of 2018 annual dues received through April 3, 2018.  Of the 325 homeowners, 248 have paid 2018 annual dues.  Concerning delinquent accounts, 58 homeowners have not paid annual dues for the current year 2018, 11 homeowners have not paid for the current year plus one previous year, and 8 homeowners have not paid for the current year plus two previous years.  The Board moved to have the Association attorney send demand letters to the 19 homeowners who are delinquent for two or more years.  In addition to requesting payment of delinquent annual dues, the homeowners will also have to pay the attorney fee for sending the demand letter.  Liens have been placed on properties at 4602 W. Portland St.,
4862 W. Stanford St., and 1716 S. Fisk Ave. for non-payment of annual dues in 2015, 2016, and 2017. 

2. The mowing schedule for the first 10 mowings through July 2018 was approved by the Board. 

3. Notice for the April 28, 2018 Subdivision Garage Sale will be placed in the Newsleader.  Al Dunaway will place the ad and put up the garage sale signs in the Subdivision.  Arvin Williams will place notice of the Garage Sale on the NEXTDOOR Website.

4. There was no consensus from the Board on whether or not there should be an official garage sale in September to coincide with the Vintage Hills September garage sale.   Some of our homeowners on their own have garage sales in September to coincide with Vintage Hills.  There was a suggestion that we could put out the garage sale signs in September without making it an official activity.  Discussion has been tabled until the August 4 meeting.

5. A Newsletter will be sent to homeowners and will include parking rules, lawn maintenance. and payment of annual dues.     

6. No guest comments or questions.

7. Next meeting will be held on August 4, 2018, 10:00 AM at Brookline Church of Christ in the Family Life Center.

8. Sharon Roemisch moved to adjourn the meeting and Adell Gibson seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.



Fay Williams, Secretary



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