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Hattiesburg Hills Community Association
Minutes of December 2, 2017 Annual Meeting

A.   Meeting was opened at 10:00 AM by President Arvin Williams.

B.   Quorum was established with six Board members:   Arvin Williams, Sharyn Roemisch, Adell Gibson, Fay Williams, Al Dunaway, and Chuck Rattenborg.  Also present were 9 residents.

C.   Financial Report was presented by Adell Gibson, Treasurer.   The Financial report was approved by the Board.

D.   Fay Williams, Secretary, presented the Minutes of the August 5, 2017 Board of  Directors meeting.  The Minutes report was approved by the Board.

E.    Old business

1.    Arvin Williams reported on the Special Board meeting held September 7, 2017.   The purpose of the meeting was to discuss placing liens on eight homeowners who, as of August 31, 2017, are delinquent in paying their annual dues for three years 2015, 2016, and 2017.  The Board unanimously decided to set up a meeting with HHCA attorney, Kory Stubblefield, to discuss how to proceed with these delinquent accounts.  A meeting with the attorney was set for September 11, 2017.

2.    Arvin  reported on the Board meeting with HHCA attorney, Kory Stubblefield at his office located at 901 St. Louis Street, 20th floor, Springfield, MO 65806.  Attorney Stubblefield suggested that the next step in handling the eight homeowners who are delinquent in paying their HHCA annual dues for 2015, 2016, and 2017, would be for the attorney to send a demand letter to each homeowner requesting payment be delivered to the attorney’s office.  The attorney fee for each demand letter would be $25.00 and would be added to the amount due from the homeowner.  Each delinquent homeowner would owe a total of $80.00 (which is $55.00 for the three delinquent years and $25.00 attorney fee).  Homeowners would be given 30 days to make payment.  If payment is not received their property would be subject to a lien.  The Board members present at this meeting, Arvin Williams, Sharyn Roemisch, Fay Williams, and Chuck Rattenborg, agreed this would be the best procedure to take.  The Board gave Mr. Stubblefield the authority to take the initial step of sending out demand letters to eight delinquent homeowners.  The demand letters would be sent out September 12, 2017.  As a result of the demand letters, four homeowners have sent in their $80.00; one homeowner has sent $55.00 to cover the three delinquent years, and there has been no response from three homeowners.  A motion was made by Al Dunaway to place liens on the three delinquent homeowners, motion seconded by Fay Williams, and motion carried by the Board.

3.    Arvin will call Attorney Stubblefield to find out the cost of placing liens on the three properties.  Also he will find out the best way to handle the homeowner who has sent a money order for $55.00, but still owes $25.00 for the attorney demand letter.  The Association has not yet cashed the $55.00 money order. 

4.    The revised Parking Violation Notice was reviewed.  Al Dunaway made a motion to approve the revised Notice and Sharyn Roemisch seconded the motion, motion carried.   Gene Thummel, a homeowner who was present at the meeting, said that any homeowner can file a complaint with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office concerning vehicles parked on the street.  It was decided by the Board to include this information in the January 2018 Newsletter to the homeowners.  It was also discussed that if a vehicle is not moved in seven days after receiving a Parking Violation Notice, that a letter would be sent to the homeowner.  Al made a motion to proceed with this action and Sharyn seconded the motion; motion carried.  Arvin Williams will have the Parking Violation Notice printed on card stock.

5.    Any member of the Board will be able to place a Parking Violation Notice on a vehicle.  A Parking Committee made up of Adell Gibson, Sharyn Roemisch, Chuck Rattenborg, Al Dunaway, and homeowner Gene Thummel will keep a close eye on cars that are in violation of parking rules and place notices on vehicles in violation of Association rules.  Adell Gibson will be notified by email or phone when a Parking Violation Notice has been placed since she is the one who will keep a log of such notices.  Sharyn Roemisch made a motion to form this committee and Matthew Lederman seconded the motion; motion carried.  

  F.    New Business

1.    An HHCA newsletter was sent out November 17, 2017, announcing the Annual Meeting to be held December 2, 2017. 

2.    Arvin discussed the need for a new Web Host since Shirley Wagner’s computer crashed and it is too costly for her to get the computer up and running again.  As a result she can no longer be our Web Host.  With the approval of all seven of the Board members, F1 Computing Solutions, LLC was chosen as HHCA’s new Web Host, effective October 25, 2017.  The cost of moving the existing website and domain to F1’s web servers and F1’s registrar is $300.00, plus the basic website hosting and one hour of maintenance per month is $39.99.

3.    As of December 2, 2017,  21homeowners are delinquent in paying yearly dues for one year, 10 homeowners are delinquent for two years, and four homeowners are delinquent for three years.

4.    The Association has received two complaints.  One concerned a trailer parked for approximately one month at the south end of Lulwood.  A letter was sent by Arvin Williams to the homeowner on November 30 to have the trailer moved by December 5.  The trailer has been moved.  The second complaint concerns maintenance of property on W. University.  There is debris on the porch and by the fence and shrubbery needs to be better maintained.  Arvin sent a letter to the homeowner November 30 requesting that the debris be removed and shrubbery taken care of by December 15, 2017, in order to prevent the Association having to take further action as outlined in Article VII of the Declaration of Hattiesburg Hills Subdivision.

5.    Election of Board of Directors and Officers for 2017-2018.  Arvin Williams, President; Sharyn Roemisch, Vice President; Adell Gibson, Treasurer; Fay Williams, Secretary; Al Dunaway, Director; and Chuck Rattenborg, Director; will remain on the Board by unanimous decision.  Homeowner in good standing, Matthew Lederman, indicated a desire to be placed on the Board as Director.  Matthew was unanimously accepted to be placed on the Board for 2017-2018.

6.    Annual assessment for 2018 was set at $25.00 by unanimous decision of the Board.


G.   Guest questions or comments

1.    Homeowner Brian Wood, who lives on West University, expressed concern about vehicles traveling at least 40 miles per hour in the Subdivision.  He has sent a letter to Greene County requesting speed bumps be placed to slow down traffic but has received no response.  Chuck Rattenborg responded by saying a letter to the County could also ask for more speed limit signs and “children at play” signs.  Arvin, as President of the Association, stated he will send a letter to Sheriff Arnott explaining the speeding problem and asking what can be done by the County to help remedy the situation.

2.    It was also discussed that cars parked on a homeowner’s lawn is a violation of Greene County laws.  There is no reference to cars parked on lawns in the HHCA Declaration, Bylaws, or Covenants.  Arvin will make note of this also in his letter to Sheriff Arnott to see what can be done to remedy the situation. 

3.    Chuck Rattenborg stated it is illegal to have flying drones in our Subdivision because we are so close to the airport.  Matthew Lederman will find out the flying height limit of drones and will call Arvin with this information.

4.    Brian Wood stated how important it is to have a homeowners’ association to help keep our Subdivision looking good which contributes to keeping home values up.

5.    Adell Gibson brought our attention to an empty lot at the entrance to S Canton Avenue  on the south side which is overgrown with brush.  Arvin will look into who owns the property and send a letter requesting that they cut down the brush.

Next meeting on April 7, 2018, 10:00 AM at Brookline Church of Christ in the Family Life Center.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.      


Fay Williams, Secretary



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